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dynamic spatial audio 

in wireless headphones

A natural way of listening

Our human hearing abilities, especially the fact that we can hear where sounds are coming from and how far away things are, help us to organise and understand our surroundings.

But when listening through headphones, the sound appears to be inside our heads. This is a very unnatural experience that most headphone users have come to accept.

IDUN audio has developed spatial audio software to restore natural listening through headphones. You can think of it as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) for audio.

IDUN audio's headphone software

The software we have developed can simulate a complete interactive virtual environment, including fast tracking of the listener’s head movements. It supports many moving sound sources, and any acoustical space can be simulated, from a small room to a large concert hall. And most importantly, it requires very low signal processing power, making it possible to run the software inside wireless headphones, as opposed to on a large computer or a smartphone.

Understanding during an online conference
Playing a game with surround sound
Navigation at work
Communication in noisy environments
Dispatchers (emergency services, fleet control)
Auditory display for interfacing a computer
Air traffic control
Augmented reality navigation for the blind
Having natural conversations in a call center
Augmented reality interactive guided tour
Watching a movie with surround sound
Augmented reality interactive teamwork
Live conference with translation
Enjoying spacious stereo music
Augmented reality audio mapping

The software can be configured for enhancing many different everyday use cases, ranging from online conferencing, listening to music, watching movies with surround sound, playing computer games, outdoor- and indoor navigation, interactive guided tours, dispatching, traffic control, event coordination and communication in noisy environments.

A rapidly growing market

The market for headphones, hearables and VR/AR headsets is growing rapidly. These devices are becoming more and more sophisticated, as hardware manufacturers are competing to provide new features.

IDUN audio enables manufacturers to create powerful interactive applications, for providing headphone users with the most compelling spatial audio experiences.